My Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

It could be the lack of sleep. It could be that I have a child turning into a teenager this coming Sunday (Happy Birthday Noah!). Frankly, the reason for me being so distracted this morning could be attributed to a plethora of things.

But, I’m going to say it is the noise. It’s the screaming and laughing and talking of almost 40 kids going through the hallways this week during VBS. I hear a scream and I worry that someone is hurt. I hear laughter and want to hear the joke. I hear a conversation and am fascinated by the topic. So many good reasons to not concentrate on work. So much noise!

And, I am incredibly thankful for it.

There are certainly times for quiet (like an upcoming nap). But, noise is life. And, life is noise. Like the anxious parent who is listening for the small cries of their newborn to know they are alright or the mechanic listening carefully to an engine for a funny click or kids searching the sky when they hear a plane overhead, we are accustomed to life being filled with auditory cues.

There. The distraction just happened. A kid ducked in and asked me a question and it’s taken me five minutes to get back on track.

Sunday is Pentecost. It is the celebration of the coming of the Holy Spirit over the entire church. It is often equated with being the birthday of the church. The day when the church was born out of the gift of the Spirit. I can’t argue with that metaphor. I think it’s pretty apt. But, I do want to impress upon you…

Happened gain. Adult this time. My brain isn’t going to go back on-track too many more times.

… impress upon you the noisy nature of that Pentecost day. The Bible tells us that the Spirit came with a sound “like a strong wind, gale force.” And, then, there was the cacophony of many languages being spoken at once. And that was overlaid by the musings of a puzzled crowd who were trying to figure out what was going on (read Acts 2.1-13 if you need a refresher). It was noise! I believe it was amazing, exciting, terrifying, and, probably, distracting.

That is how the church was born. Noise. That’s how we know the church is alive. Noise. That is how we know the Spirit is present among us. Noise.

And, again. This time a whole group of kids. To heck with it, I’m going to go join in the noise.

God’s Peace!
Pastor Adam

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