This Week’s Miracle

My Sisters and Brothers in Christ,
Can I be so bold? That’s not really a rhetorical question. Can I call something truly and fully a miracle in this day and age? Seems like a risky thing to do. What do you think?
Let me make a case for the miracle that I have seen. I have seen an empty floor transformed into food. A floor, made of stone and concrete, has become a veritable cornucopia of canned goods, cereals, and other food items. In the course of five days, the floor went from inert rock to love in the form of calories.
I call it a miracle because I wasn’t there to see it all happen. Every time I walked by the old floor, it grew smaller and the food grew bigger. Every time I thought we had reached some kind of cap on the abundance and generosity of this congregation, someone else would appear with a bag in his/her hand and there would be less floor and more food.
I know that we expect miracles to be something truly “deus ex machina” or a transformation from the beyond. But, the fact is that the ordinary can become the extraordinary through the presence of God. Miracles are more than just unexplained healings or the dead being brought back to life. Miracles can be the plain becoming extravagant. Miracles can be an empty floor transformed into abundance. They can be water transformed into the finest of wine.
Our Gospel reading this week is Jesus’ first miracle in John’s Gospel: the changing of the water into wine at the wedding in Cana. The mundane: jars of water, became the extraordinary abundance of God: jars of wine. There was no great fanfare, no heavens splitting open or angels singing. Jesus just did it. He took what was at hand and made it more than enough for what was needed.
And, that’s what you all are doing. You are taking a blank floor and, without fanfare (other than your pastor bragging about it), you are making a thing of abundance. The generosity you share is a miracle in this day and age. I truly believe that. Truly.
So, can I be so bold as to call it a miracle?
God’s Peace!
Pastor Adam

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