Don’t Put the Tree Away Yet!

My Sisters and Brothers in Christ,
Welcome to the third day of Christmas! Despite many mistakes within popular culture, the 12 days of Christmas are not the 12 days leading up to Christmas, but the 12 following. We have nine more to go before we are clear of the Christmas season. And, I think it’s important to know what we are are supposed to do during these 12 days after Christmas. Here’s a quick sample list:
  • carol singing
  • gift giving
  • seeing Nativity plays
  • attending church services, and
  • eating special food.
Wait a minute. Didn’t we just get done with all of that? Didn’t we just rush frantically around trying to get all that fit in on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day? We have another 12 days to do it?
It is little surprise in our modern world, that we have tried to compartmentalize Christmas down to a day or two. We don’t have time to stretch out Christmas. Right? Got to get back to work… send the relatives home…
I find it painful that we stress and beat ourselves up so much for a couple of days of Christmas when we have a dozen in which to enjoy it.
Can we give Christmas the time it has been given in past years? Can we relax and let our celebrations be filled with more joy and less chaos?
These aren’t questions with simple answers, as they demand a rearranging of our lives during this season which seems so packed already. But, I give them to you, hoping that you may take a few more moments over the coming nine days to allow the celebration of Christmas to continue within your lives and hearts.
Peace and Joy to you!
Pastor Adam

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